Montsegur Castle
Situated at an altitude of 1.207 m, this symbol of Cathar resistance dominates the village and surrounding valleys. In 1244, following the seige during the war against the 'Albigeois', more than 220 Cathars perished here, burnt at the stake. Visit of the museum in the village..

The Trimouns Talcum Quarry is situated at an altitude of 1.800 m. Men work on these gigantic terraces, using enormous machines or simple pick axes. They discover, extracts, pull and transport the talcum, the softest, most gentle rock on our Earth.

Kristalgrot van l'Aguzou

You are fascinated by crystal and other particular formaties, then
the cave of L'Aguzou is absolutely a must. This crystal cave, totally not
damaged and adapted, does belong to the most beautiful of the pyreneeën.


Lombrives Cave

The largest cave in the European Union constitutes a vast underground universe and has rich concretions at the heart of long galleries with magical features.


Labouiche underground river

A most unusual cruise: 60 m underground, comfortably seated iin a boat, you will go down the underground river over a distance of nearly 1,5 km, from rooms to galleries decorated with a host of concretions and pools.

Prehistory Park

Travel to the heart of prehistory. An astonishing reconstitution of the life of Cro-Magnon man. A walk through the heart of prehistory, a universe of emotions and information presenting the biggest facsimile reconstituting iin son-et-lumière the complete works of the Niaux cave just as iit was 12.000 years ago.


Caves and Prehistory


Niaux - a masterpiece of Pariental Artwork not to be missed. The Niaux cave is known for the quality of its Magdalenian paintings, representations executed more than 12.000 years ago.


lLa Vache- discover the surroundings of the first mountain dwellers at the end of the ice age (12.000 to 15.000 years ago). The visit will take you to the famous "Salle Monique". Collections of bone carvings, Magdalenian period.


Bédeilhac – this gigantic cave was a sanctuary, home and sepulchre for Man over more than 10.000 years. The bas-relief sculptures modelled from the clay in the cave are, to date, the only ones known dating back to prehistoric times.


Mas déAzil – crossed by a road that runs along the banks of the Arize, it served as a shelter for animals (rhinoceros, bears, mammoths, etc). and for Man (from the Magdalenians to the Huguenots). Son et lumière event, plus reconstruction of a Magdalenian home.


Castle of the Counts of Foix

Looming up from its rock, the castle dominates the town with its three towers. In the days of the Counts of Foix Béarn, its most illustrious owner was Gaston Fébus. Temporary exhibitions: weapons and armour, everyday life in the Middle Ages, Henri IV and the wars of religion in the Foix area.



The Wolf House
In the middle of the forest, a park dedicated to wolves. Observe the packs of European and North American wolves. Every day: wolf feeding time with commentary. Come and stroke Monsieur Sequin's goats and don't miss the tree little pigs, the lambs and donkeys, etc.

The reptile Farm where you can discover reptiles from the world over in complete safety. The caimans, iguanas, pythons, boas, grass snakes, tortoises presented during the guided tour will give you a glimpse of all the diversity of the evolution and adaptability of reptiles.

The Bison farm - discover wild animals raised in freedom on this farm: bison, yak, deer, Cape eland, etc.

Saint Michel Animal Park - over more than 16 hectares of fields and woods, discover more than 300 rare animals, some on the verge of extinction, that can easily be observed from a 2-km path.

The Bird Domain - discover the world of birds, in particular the migratory birds that frequent the lakes and wetlands.

The Eagles of lordat Castle
Come and admire the essentially European birds of prey in the old castle: eagles, vultures, kites, falcons, and owls.De grootste zonneovens van de wereld.

Amarante Butterfly Farm
A tropical garden inhabited by butterflies flying in complete freedom. Make the most of the garden as well, where you will find the insect and plants that are used for raising them.


The Pyrene Forges - discover the largest collection of professions from the past (120 professions, 6.500 tools). Hunting and Nature Museum - hunting from prehistoric times (presentation of the hunting techniques of the Magdalenians) to the present day, passing through the Middel Ages and Gaston Fébus's book of hunting. "Flora and fauna of Ariège" exhibition. Dinosaur Forest - discover the dinosaurs from the Mas d'Azil and all over the world in this unique museographic space in the heart of nature covering over 1 ha. Textile and Horn Comb Museum

You can find the Principality of Andorra on 45 minutes drives of the camp-site.

Mountain Observatory
The Observatory carries out studies on mountain life from Orlu: ecology, human life... museography, accompanied discovery excursions in the Orlu National Fauna Reserve.

The many pleasant markets in Ax-les-Thermes, Foix and Mirepoix.

The waters at Ax-les-Thermes are sulphurated, sodic, rich in sculphur, silica and sodium. They contain a large number of trace elements and are the warmest waters in the Pyrenees (77°). They help in the treatment of rheumatism and diseases of the respiratory tracts and have analgestic, anti-inflammatory, decongestant and anti-allergenic properties.... Set off on a discovery of the town ... Fourteen information panels of interest to young and old alike take inquisitive passers-by on a 1.7 km journey through the town's past that includes such landmarks.

Fitness Space: relaxation pool, jacuzzis, hammam, sauna, weigttraining gym, relaation space, aquagym, stretch , abdo-legs, body modelling with essential oils.