An overview of our rental accommodations

Luxury Apartment
Adjacent to the camping
we have a cozy and comfortable apartment
with stunning views.
This appartment can accomodate 6 people.


Wooden Chalets
At the campsite we
have three well-insulated
and heated wooden
chalets which can accommodate 6 people.


Gîte d'étape / Auberge
Adjacent to the campsite we have an Auberge. You can stay in single rooms with shower and toilet or in dormitories of 6/8 pers.

Gite de etape

Camping Bungalows

A camping bungalow is a cross between a tent and a bungalow. It is a friendly, wooden cottage (32 sqm) with a roof of translucent canvas. Max. 6 people.


As a tenant of our accommodations, you have all the facilities the site has to offer including: grocery store with fresh bread daily, washing machine and dryer, bar, hiking information, play attributes, participation in outdoor sports and entertainment programs.